Nirmal Toys And Craft: 4-Century Old Tradition of Wooden Craft & Painting


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Divided by modern leisure, united by tradition, this four-century old rich art is a rose among the bushes. Nirmal toy making involves extraordinary wooden work and attractive paintings.

4-Century Old Tradition of Wooden Craft & Painting

Its origin lies in the town of Nirmal in Adilabad district (in the state of Telangana in India) which has always been famous as a production center for many items, especially war cannons and toys.

The History says that the Naqqash craftsmen and artists brought out exquisite wooden toys and duco paintings under the name of Nirmal Art.  

It is believed the Naqqash families were brought here from Rajasthan in the 17th century by Neema Naik. Though its history has creased the beauty of its presence is as charming as its existence.

bull-Nirmal toys

Nirmal Toys And Craft

The process consists of lacquering the surface of the item and then painting the chosen design. Traditional designs are traced or drawn in chalk on smoothened wood or composition board, then painted in flat, bright colors and often touched up with gold and varnished. The indigenous colors used by craftsmen are made from minerals, gum, and herbs.

The now familiar gold in Nirmal work is got from herbal juices. Painting of Moghul miniatures on white ‘Poniki’ wood stands out as a fascinating fare.

As the items age, they acquire a lovely muted glow. Nirmal toys are made with a herbal extract, which gives them a golden sheen.

They are usually models of animals, fruits, and human occupations. There are similarities between the Nirmal and Kondapally toys in the type of wood used in the manufacturing process.

However, Kondapally toys are usually coated with watercolors while Nirmal toys are embellished with oil colors. Both types of toys are treated with tamarind paste at the primary stage before paint is applied.

Nirmal crafts

Creative Nirmal toys & paintings 

The Nirmal toys and paintings are believed to be a perfect attribute for creative living spaces, office spaces, and art galleries because it is not considered as just another show piece around the corners of the house.

Tradition of toy

The tradition of toy making by these artisans is not only a matter of academic interest for craftsmen from all over the world but also its historic existence that has made these toys a brand in themselves. These artisans are not only committed to promoting the tourism of the state but to spread its infinite shine across the world from its very origin.


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