Ganesha On Banana Leaf #Pooja Idol


You may never seek the ultimate spirituality but a charming house, positivity the moment you step in it is always your dreams. The walls cannot define the beauty of a house, they can only bound them, that’s what they are meant for but the charm has no bounds. Some prefer hangings, some poster or even soft furniture, when it comes to décor, people start to think otherwise, they begin to greed for a valuable item for the cheapest possible price. So things are supposed to be affordable for them, so here we are with the best.

Judging by the color would be an insult, judging by the purity of Lord Ganesha wouldn’t be fair either. A product from Little India, probably one of the few brands with diverse products right from the hubs of the art. In this product, five antique idols of Lord Ganesha are sitting on a banana leaf. A four leg support is given to the leaf from the base for plain level, leaving no scope of misbalance. Interestingly all the five idols are in different poses in a row. Though it is purely made of oxidized white metal to make it glossy and give a tempting look it is polished till the edges with silver.

Besides the charisma, its specification gives you merely 11 inches in length so it occupied less space on that table and more in your heart. It is handicraft product from the artisans of Jaipur, Rajasthan (western state of India), which is known for their incisive finishing and unique artworks. It comes with an affordable price of 468 INR on Item is handmade and has 7 day replacement period on top of it but if this product is not admired by your guests then we don’t know what will because it does not just show piece, there is more to it.

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-Dhananjay Pandey


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