Mishti Doi – A mouth watering sweet delicacy


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Mishti Doi is a popular Bengali sweet dish.Though the Bengali cuisine has an array of other delectable sweets like rosogolla, kheer Kadam still Mishti Doi has its own fan base and people swear by its taste. Other than West Bengal, Mishti Doi is also famous in Bihar, Orissa and Bangladesh. The recipe for this signature Bengali sweet is very simple, easy to follow and it requires minimal effort to make Mishti Doi at our home.

Traditionally it is served in an earthen clay pot which soaks up the loose water and leaves behind thickened yogurt making it even sweeter in taste. This lightly colored, sweetened curd transformed sweet dish is a festive favourite and is served during Bengali marriages and Durga Pooja celebrations.


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The main ingredients of Mishti Doi are:

  • i)Milk(1 litre)
  • ii)Jaggery/powdered Jaggery(6 tablespoons) or caramelized sugar.
  • iii)Cream(2 tablespoons)
  • iv)Yogurt(2-3 tablespoon)


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  1. a) Take a litre of milk in a deep bottomed utensil and heat it over a low flame.
  2. b) Add half of the total sugar you have taken initially to the hot milk and boil the milk until it is reduced to half of its original volume.
  3. c) As the milk is being boiled, caramelize left over sugar by heating it on a flat pan.While heating make sure to stir the sugar until the colour of the sugar turns golden brown.
  4. d) Add the caramelized sugar to the sweetened boiled milk and stir well so that sugar mixes well with milk.
  5. e) Wait for some time until the milk cools down.
  6. f) Now, add yogurt to the cooled milk and mix well.
  7. g) Pour the mixture into earthen pots and keep in a warm place for fermentation.
  8. h) Once the milk is fermented into yogurt, place it in a refrigerator.


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Finally, Mishti Doi is ready to be served.Garnish with chopped nuts, crushed pista and badam or a few spoons of molasses for better taste. It can also be served with Rosogolla or fruits.


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