A traditional recipe. Saag basically means a leaf based curry which is served with bread such as roti or naan. Although it’s a dish with its origin from West Bengal it also earned its place in the Traditional Bihari Platter.

It’s a seasonal food. And an extremely easy dish to prepare. Kalmi Saag is prepared from water spinach leaves that especially arrive at monsoon season. Like any other typical Indian dish. It starts with a sauté of mustard seeds and red chilies.

Bengali Recipe Kalmi Saag



Meanwhile, water spinach leaves are washed and strained for 20 minutes. Chopped onions and garlic slices are added to the sauté and stir fried. And the finely chopped water spinach leaves are added along with the salt as per taste.

This Saag has an important role in Bengali Traditions. According to a tradition in Diwali “Chowdah Saag” meaning 14 saags are first offered to Lord and then is enjoyed by the family.


And Now with the Benefits, as much as we crib about the taste of junk food none can disagree with the fact that our old school dishes indeed have their nutritional values. As intriguing as it might sound but our green veggie friend here has an amazing property: It can cure Insomnia!! It contains a sedative which will get you a sound and soothing sleep. It has detoxifying and healing properties too. Also ample of Vitamins and beauty enhancing properties are present in it.

The list can go on and on So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest restaurant and grab a bite of this amazingly delicious dish. Who knows you might find your home in it…


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