Mashoor India Arts and Handicrafts Pvt. Ltd is a Jaipur based company. Jaipur is known for the various arts and crafts that have got evolved from this very place and the rich heritage that it has got. The online and offline stores of this very organization mainly focus on the various arts and crafts of this wonderful Pink City.


The company believes that proper knowledge and information of any art form is the basis of any creation. If you want to know about the details of the origin of a particular craft in India then Mashoor India is the right place to know about it. Not only you can purchase the exclusive art pieces, but you can also gather all forms of valuable information pertaining to a specific form of art and history on the basis of location to satisfy your artistic knowledge here.


The quality of the product speaks for itself. Whichever craft you buy from this store you will get something that has got a genuine quality with the details of the material that it is made of. Along with this, you will even get to know where and by whom the particular craft has been created by.

You can buy a variety of art crafts from this online as well as offline stores. The things that you can buy from them include home décor, furnishings, jewelry, fabrics and paper& craft stationeries.  The artisans who are attached to this company specialize in embroidery, block printing, metal casting, paper Mache and wooden craft.


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