Cost is major factor in fashion jewellery since fashion changes so often that companies have to keep their products at affordable levels. This precludes Kailash Jain from using 65aprecious metals such as gold or silver. Since P M Exports has been in the business for the past 30 years, Kailash Jain knows the preferences of buyers, countries and clientele. His major markets are in the USA, though exports to Europe and the United Kingdom are also done.

Fashion jewellery is all about aesthetics. In fact, tribal art and tribal jewellery motivates the designers of P M Exports. The craftsmen include as many tribal art forms in their designs and give it a modern look. Some buyers and clients provide designs and Kailash Jain repeats them. Westerners still have fascination for handcrafted products from India. The quality is for paramount importance and products are thoroughly tested before dispatch.

Kailash Jain

P M Exports


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