Lodi Gardens


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The Lodi Gardens can be termed as an architect’s dream and a tourist heaven. Situated in Delhi, it is the product of the excellent craftsmanship that existed during the Sayyid and Lodi dynasties. This place houses the tombs of the last ruler of the Sayyid dynasty – Mohammad Shah and the Lodi emperor – Sikander Lodi. These tombs were established in 1444 and 1517 respectively. Lodi Gardens is of great significance as very little architecture survived from these two dynasties. In 1936, Lady Wellington had modified the Lodi gardens to look like a garden and for this purpose she had cleared two villages that settled around the tombstones after the 15th century.

The Lodi Gardens is a culmination of mosques, tombs, and other structures. This monument is rooted in nature by the presence of various kinds of shrubs and trees.The tomb of Mohammad Sayyid has an octagonal structure adorned with chhatris on the roof of the tomb. There are also intricate plaster carvings on the inside of the dome.The dome also has an inverted lotus shaped structure on the roof.

lodhi gardens
Lodi gardens

The Bada Gumbad (literally meaning big dome) serves as the entrance and it is open from all four sides unlike the other structures in the Lodi Gardens. It is built on red sandstone has beautiful Urdu calligraphy carved on the corbelled entrance. There is a mosque near the Bada Gumbad that has minarets on its sides and has similar plastered engravings. Facing the mosque is the “Mehman Khana “ which means guest house.

The Sheesh Gumbad is a beautiful dome that has some parts of its covered in glazed tiles. Many people claim that the tomb of Bahlul Lodi lies here. Like all the other Lodi tombs, the Sheesh Gumbad too is double storeyed. Each of its corners is adorned by octagonal minarets.

Sheesh Gumbad

Sikandar Lodi ‘s tomb is situated a few meters away from away from the Sheesh Gumbad. It has a majestic appearance and it is set in a garden like enclosure. The middle part of this tomb is built in such a way that it can also serve as a prayer hall. This tomb is quite similar to Mohammad Shah’s tomb except that it lacks the chhatris and uniquely designed dome.

Sikandar Lodi’s tomb

Apart from the tombs and mosques, Lodi Gardens also has a small bridge called the‘Athpula’ under which a tributary of Yamuna flows. Lodi Gardens is maintained by the archaeological survey of India.

The Athpula

The gardens are situated between Khan Market and Safdarjung’s Tomb on Lodhi Road and are a hotspot for morning walks for the Delhiites. So next time when you plan to go Delhi, do visit Lodhi Garden.


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