Kumbakonam, a municipal city in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, is famous for a lot of things ranging from temples to its brass vessels, Music, Kadappa and most popularly, the degree of its coffee.

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee History

A beverage used for lightening our day up, coffee at Kumbakonam is famous for its flavor and aroma. This South-Indian specialty is made of unadulterated cow’s milk. It is also known as filter coffee as it is milkier and has a dark texture from the dark coffee beans added to it.

Some of the most commonly used coffee beans in the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee include Arabica and Robusta grown in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The infamous Kumbakonam Degree Coffee has its own special features that have taken it through a long history.


The specialty of the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee lies in the coffee powder itself. The coffee powder meant for the purpose is brewed using two cylindrical metal cup like contraption. The cylindrical cups are placed one on top of the other and the cup on the top has a pierced bottom. The cup which is kept on the bottom is empty as it has to receive the brewed coffee.

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is also very famous in Sri Lanka and is known as “Kottai Vadineer”.


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