Incredible Kolhapuri Paintings

Maharashtra Kolhapuri Paintings is undeniably an integral part of the Indian culture as its contribution is so vast that it can’t be measured. Kolhapur has a significant part of the contribution as the city is famous for its temples.

its people, its food, and more importantly its artistic background.  The city has a strong connection to art and has many hints of it but its paintings stand as a testimony of the painters who lived in their times and the rich culture that they followed.

When we talk about Kolhapuri paintings, it would unjust not to describe Baburao Painter as the best artist of that time. The surname Painter is given to him in honor of his contribution to art and cinema.

A self-made painter, Baburao’s works include Jalavahini, Datta, and Ranga Panchami to name a few. Laxmi, his personal artwork was always in his workspace.

Chandrakant Mandare, an actor and a painter followed the steps of Baburao painter by painting numerous posters of the films directed by Baburao, thus has provided an immense contribution to Maharashtra’s part of the culture.

Incredible Kolhapuri Paintings: famous paintings of Baburao Painter

Incredible Kolhapuri Paintings: famous paintings of Baburao Painter

Abalal Rahiman, the most renowned artist, unlike Baburao, was a professional who learned watercolor painting and pencil shading from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai.

He was a court painter during the period of Chatrapathi Shahu and created artworks that had profound levels of intricacy for which his Durbar from Kathiawad is a good example.

In recognition of his works, Shivaji University dedicated an art gallery in the year 2015.

Paintings of Abalal Rahiman

Moving a little forward in our timeline, we have MV Dhurandhar, another painter from Kolhapur whose work with oil paintings on Radha and Krishna and his self-portrait are well-noted works.

He was a postcard artist and many of his works are still preserved in the museums. Like Abalal Rahiman he was an alumnus of the J J School of Art.

Paintings of MV Durandhar

Paintings of MV Durandhar


The paintings from Kolhapur are diverse and do not stick to one genre as one can witness canvases that are supported with crayons, watercolors, oil paints, and pencil shades.

Even after all these years of imperial invasions and changes in dynasties, the old paintings of Kolhapur are still preserved in its museums and one shouldn’t miss having a glimpse of these masterpieces.


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