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Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Bead Craft

As we know that Jewelry has been a significant adornment for Indian women for many ages. Having a good collection of Jewelry shows the good status of that particular family. It is not compulsory of women to be always decorative but also has a lot of values attached to each and every jewelry piece worn by the women. Jewelry has a deep connection with women as its value lies not only in traditions but also has a great significance in scientific terms.

But due to the change in trend now women don’t want to carry heavy jewelry with them especially teenagers. Nowadays light jewelry is mostly preferred by teenagers as well as women. Light jewelry that is made from beautiful as well as colorful beads are capturing the market nowadays. This kind of jewelry is easily available in the market and can be bought very easily because these are cheap in rate. Teenagers love to wear this jewelry on traditional dresses, marriages, parties, farewell, etc. This lightweight jewelry is now available in the form of necklace, bracelets, anklets, earrings as well for waist also women love to wear it while wearing saree. It increases the beauty.

jewellery bead craft

So What are Beads?

A bead which looks very small but all the beauty of that particular jewelry depends upon it only. Bead is a small decorative piece that is used for creating necklaces, bracelets and an assortment of decorative attire. They can be found in a multitude of sizes (1mm- 1cm) and have adorned the human body for thousands of years as jewelry – the oldest dating back 100,000 years. The artistic believes that beads have become extremely popular among many cultures and the fashion industry. Beads not only increases the value of clothes but also enhance its beauty. Many people are now using beads as a material for decorating household ornaments or art which were created by them. For example, boxes, crafts, bird feeders, door knobs, and even drawers, are being decorated as amateur artistry. They are made of a variety of natural and synthetic material. Most of which are polished and pierced to allow them to be threaded.

Types Jewelry Beads

  • A) Spirit Bead: The Native American tradition of including a “Spirit bead” in every design is one I admire. Spirit beads are said to act as guides. Rather the Spirit bead is an intentional flaw that is placed in a piece of beadwork. Adding a Spirit bead is an act of humility, reflecting the imperfection of mankind. Apparently, there is a similar tradition in quilting, called “humility blocks.”
  • B) Handmade Bead Jewelry: Banaras is known as one of the largest producers of bead jewelry and they are exported all over the world. The beads that are used to make bead jewelry are hard to craft and are a very time-consuming process and entails hard work. The beads are chiseled to get the required shape and then a hole is drilled into them for a string to pass through. Such beads made with patience are then stringed together to make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Craftsmen from Karnal city in India are famous for making beads out of silver that are hollow in nature and sterling silver which is becoming popular with the younger generation nowadays.
jewellery bead craft

  • C) Tassel Earring beads: Beaded tassels need a little bit of patience and hard work but it comes under the new design list and these type of jewelry were mainly worn by teenagers.
  • D) The spiral rope: The spiral rope chain is a very easy and versatile stitch. These were mainly used in making bracelet or necklace chains or larger items like straps for amulet bags or beaded purses.
jewellery bead craft

  • E) Circular brick: Circular brick stitch is a simple but versatile stitch which is used in making pendants, charms or as part of a larger bead weaving project. Circular brick around a bead is done in rounds around the circumference of the bead.
  • F) Daisy Chains: Perfect for necklaces, bracelet or anklets. Daisy chains are always fun and easy to make. This is said to be a unique peace because of the attraction.
  • G) Peyote Stitch Ring: This peyote stitch ring has become one of the favorites jewelry because of its design. The heart shape attracts the buyer especially love birds. The metallic steel colored beads give it an industrial edge, red beads used to make the heart design.
jewellery bead craft

  • H) Ladder stitch: Ladder stitch is often used as a base for other stitches but this bracelet project brings it front and center. It is simple and used to be stitched all over the sides by its own.
  • I) The Emerald City: The Emerald City bracelet uses a flat spiral stitch. It’s one of the most simple beading stitches that is too easy to learn. It highlights a center crystal or bead.  It can be used for bracelets or necklaces. It can be made with a wide variety of beads, both down the center and on the sides.
  • J) Bead and leather wrap bracelets-  These are incredibly versatile and popular to make. The design is simple but has endless combinations. Make it your own by changing the color of the leather cord, varying the length of the bracelet, and the types, colors, and sizes of beads.
  • K) Russian leaves: Russian leaves have become a classic beadwork design in recent years. While they look difficult, they are not. These Russian Leaves use diagonal peyote stitch, a variation of flat peyote stitch.
jewellery bead craft

How the government can help to save this art?

  • A) It seems that many peoples setup their business by there own they did not get any support from the government so for them, the government should implement some scheme for those people.
  • B) It seems that women always take an interest in these kinds of art, so for the interested women government should open academies to provide them better so that further they can start their business by there own.
  • C) The government should make this a compulsory subject in schools as wells as collages so that the upcoming generation can make the presence of this art form in the market.
  • D) The government should also advertise it in the foreign market because now foreigners were getting attracted by gold jewelry so it is important to tell them about this craft so they can also follow this trend.
  • E) The government can also expose this craft form in a jewelry exhibition so that this art form can be spread all over the world.


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