Indulge in the Sweet Sin of Bhutte Kheer!!!


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Can you guess one thing except for the history, culture, traditions and heritage, cuisine, ancient architecture and sculptures of Madhya Pradesh which is infamous? If you’re a hardcore foodie, then yes, you may be correct, it’s the mouth-watering bhutte kheer!!!

Madhya Pradesh’s Bhutte Kheer-

Bhutte Kheer or sweet corn porridge is a classic MP dessert dish. This dish uses fresh corn kernels as the main ingredient. We often relish corn with spicy and tangy flavours, but this dish stands out as it explores the sweetness of corn…

Corn cobs
Corn cobs

What’s in there-

Bhutte Kheer needs almost all the usual ingredients you would need for any normal kheer. Milk, sugar, saffron strands, ghee [ clarified butter ], cardamom powder, your choice of nuts for garnishing [ pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts, etc. ], and the most important- corn kernels.

How to get hands on the ingredients-

The dish is prepared by first grinding the corn kernels by adding a few tablespoons of milk into a paste.

Then melt some ghee and sauté the corn paste in it for a good 4-5 minutes till it’s a bit thick and has changed its colour. Meanwhile, mix the saffron strands in some warm milk and keep it aside. Add two cups of milk, mix well, and keep simmering and stirring the mixture to avoid the bottom getting scorched. Add sugar according to your convenience.

The dish is both healthy and super delicious. Simmer the mixture until you get the desired consistency. You can simmer for long to get a thick consistency and vice versa. Add your nuts into the kheer, or use them for garnishing. Now the most fun step, get your bowls and spoons and eat it all up!

Preparing Butte kheer
Preparing Butte kheer

In case you wanna save some for later, you can also refrigerate the kheer. Just note that it can become thicker after doing so.

Bhutte Kheer can be enjoyed hot as well as cold. It has a unique taste and hence it keeps your taste-buds tantalizing!

The indulging bhutte kheer
The indulging bhutte kheer

The rich, sweet, smooth and heavenly texture of Bhutte kheer can never get wrong to fantasize your tongue. You just can’t miss out on this dish!


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