Cheeroti – The Indian Doughnuts


Chiroti or Cheeroti is a well-known South Indian flaky dessert. This dessert is mainly found in Karnataka and Telangana region is considered as a premium dessert. It is colloquially known as Pheeni or Peni.  

This dessert holds great importance in Kannadagi houses and is made especially on auspicious occasions or weddings. No Kannadiga wedding is complete without Chiroti beside almond milk, this combination together is often called as “Padhir Pheni” by the locals. To give it a more crunchy texture, sometimes crunched almonds are topped on it.

Step by Step making of  Cheeroti

This dessert is said to be “Indian doughnuts.” It gets this tag because of its resemblance to a doughnut, with crisp brown exterior and powdered sugar sprinkled on top of it. 

How to make Chiroti/ Cheeroti?

Chiroti with sprinkled sugar


A) 2 cup of Chiroti Rava

B) 2 tbsps of melted butter

C) ¾ cup of water

D) 1 cup of Maida


A) In a large bowl, mix chiroti Rava and melted butter. After the butter is evenly mixed, add water and knead till its a soft dough. Let this dough rest for 15 minutes.

B) Pinch a ball from this dough and roll it, dusting some Maida on it. 

C) Now spread Saati (a mixture of melted butter and rice flour) evenly on the dough that you just spread. Make a log of the spread dough, and cut this log with 1 inches distance.

D) Deep fry these in hot oil/ghee. After draining the oil from the Chiroti, sprinkle the top with powdered sugar and serve is beside almond milk.

Now, you can prepare this premium dessert at your humble abode and give a great treat to your tastebuds.


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