Bags made out of jute and cotton are only some of the products that Sunil Enterprises deals in. Fashion accessories and scarves and ties make them popular with their clients 86awho are spread across. In the business since 1985 gives them the years of experience to carry forward. “We have clients spread across the world and our long years of experience have helped us to understand that the client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
The material we use or the concept and creation of product is done with quality in mind, “say the exporters.

We create new designs ourselves and many a time adapt and adjust the design according to the need of the client. If the client gives us his or her own design we take it as a challenge and deliver to the utmost satisfaction. Designs and the colour schemes do vary from country to country. The process of manufacturing is eco-friendly and the exporters do keep an eye on preserving the environment by using environment friendly methods of production.



Sunil Enterprises


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