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There are many places to visit but I think Goa is one of the most favorite places for many peoples because it attracts visitors by its lively, colourful and vibrant culture. Every year Goa host a very lively and exhilarating carnival. This festival refers to Madri Gras is being celebrated each year in the Indian State of Goa. Carnival in Goa is one of the largest festival being celebrated in India. Firstly it was resurrected as a minor street celebration in 1965 and has since turned into a major tourist attraction for the small state. Last time this festival was celebrated on 2nd March to 5th March 2019 and next will be celebrated on 22 February to 25 February 2020.

This festival is for the cultural, festival of color, songs and music. In this festival, there are elaborate celebrations where you can see cheerful crowds just losing themselves to the madness and vibe of the festivities. The most important thing for this festival is that the entry fee is free of cost and from children’s, to oldies each and every person can enjoy this festival and can have fun.

History of the Carnival

Goa carnival was brought to India by Portuguese during the time they ruled here and approximately 500 years ago the first every carnival was organized in the state. But it was not the Portuguese originally who had this kind of exuberant riotous celebrations, the culture actually came from ancient Rome and Greece and spread to Spain and Portugal eventually. This quite explains that when Portuguese colonized Goa they wanted their culture to be dominant here and hence this carnival was organized. It had a Portuguese flavor to it earlier but with time the celebrations have taken up the essence of Goan culture and thus people identify with the festivities and take part in the carnival in crazily large numbers.

Goa carnival
Carnival Events

This major festival is full of events. In other words, we can say that events are known as the backbone of these festivals without events this festival is useless. Each and every person can enjoy this festival with there friends and family. So in this festival, many events were performed and the present audience has to participate in events and also they get the price from King Momo. If you really feel lonely and depressed you can come here and definitely, you will feel so good. On Saturday evening carnival begins with the massive parade in which King Momo is surrounded by the dancers, drums, fire eaters, etc and people entertain the audience by performing different acts.

Goa carnival

Good news for dance lovers! Peoples who love dance can participate in Black Red dance. In this dance, people dance with a black red outfit with masks and they dance like non-stop, they dance on very energetic beats that you can’t stop yourself to dance.

Carnival in 2019

The carnival in 2019 was celebrated from 2nd March to 5th March in Panajim. The theme selected for this year’s carnival was Celebrities ensuring a fun-filled carnival with a twist of cinematic experience. The carnival is sure to provide a sneak-peak into Hollywood, electronic dance and a new musical experience. The spectators will be surrounded by glitz and glamour that stars experience

Things to do and sights to watch:

Goa carnival

  • a) There are masked parades in different parts of the destination wherein one can see entertainers, beautiful floats and participants dressed in fun costumes.
  • b) Short gigs and plays performed by the locals to exhibit the Goan culture and their love for fun and enthusiasm.
  • c) Horse-drawn carriages, decorated bullock carts and beautifully ornamented floats are few of the main highlights of the parade.
  • d) Performers showcase traditional dance performances in gaudy costumes and play electrifying music live in the procession.
  • e) Goa, being the hub for good food and great drinks, the carnival extensively exhibits these and more in the 3-days stretch.
  • f) The rustic drums, called dolkas, are the attractions of the mainspring or director of the play that helps in narration during the act. Likewise, the whistle of the mestri act as a curtain-raiser to the play.
  • g) The carnival ends with the popular color-coordinated dance where the women are dressed in red tops and black skirts and men in red shirts and black trousers while dancing in the procession.

Here are 5 dishes you must try if you’re in Goa during the Carnival:

  • a) Bebinca: This layered Goan dessert is the queen of India’s regional sweets. The cake-like sweet is made from coconut milk, eggs, butter and jaggery, instead of sugar.
  • b) Sorpotel: This pork dish is a must-try for all meat lovers. It speaks volumes about the impact of the Portuguese colonizers of the state that is still visible. Almost every Catholic household in Goa has mastered this dish that typically served during Christmas.
  • c) Chicken Xacuti: Typically served a bed of rice, this meat dish is unmissable for all carnivores. The gravy is prepared from poppy seeds, sliced or grated coconut and large dried red chilies.

Goa carnival

  • d) Fish Curry: Goan fish curry is a sensational dish that all seafood-lovers wouldn’t want to miss. Any Goan food experience is in fact, incomplete without the inclusion of the fish curry.

The reason why should you visit Goa Carnival – 

  1. a) Nowadays people don’t have time to spend with their family and friends, so in this 3-day festival, they can easily take off time from their busy schedule and can enjoy with family and friends.
  2. b) Oldies can also come here and can enjoy the festival.
  3. c) Entry fees are absolutely free.
  4. d) Goa carnival is known as a great example of “east meets west” which is known as “traditional meets modern”.
  5. e) Here you meet with most lovely and friendly people who treat you like their family member.
  6. f) People from every corner of the world come here and enjoy this festival.
  7. g) Here you can capture most beautiful memories forever.


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