How to Make a Simple Mask at Home


The word “Mask” originated from the Arabic word “Maskhara” that is “to ridicule”. Mask making is a universal form of art and is not new but it is 9000 years old. In olden days the mask was made to perform ancient religious ceremonies and rituals.

Now it has extended its fame and used in plays or theater’s, carnivals, etc. Mask is not only used for disguise to get prevented from the devil but used in parties, shows, performing arts, entertainment or simply as an ornament.

Mask is an object that is normally worn on the face or any part of the body, generally for purpose of protection, disguise, performance, and entertainment. The most common Mask is of paper that too cardstock paper, which is thinner than ordinary papers.

The mask can be made in any form from animals, heroes, characters to gods. The mask making procedure is simple and will be discussed further in this article.

How to Make a Simple Mask at Home

History of Mask Making

In India, mask making was used during stone age by people who dress as skin with the mask of animals to perform special ceremonies, as a religious belief from Hindu mythology.

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Now there used all around the world. They are used mostly in plays in theaters of the country such as Japan, to cause laughter or fear, to cure diseases and to impersonate people or supernatural beings. In India, it is used mostly in plays of gods such as Ramayana and Mahabharata.

In West Africa, the mask makers art and skills are given importance in the society which is inherited from father to son. The masked artist is given great respect and position in tribal society. Mask is used in masquerades in West Africa that forms part of religious ceremonies enchanted to communicate with spirits and ancestors.

Mask is also used in carnivals around the globe, especially Caribbean carnival.

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Making Simple Mask At Home  – 

If you want to make at home, that too in few bucks that here is the procedure. The cost will be greatly reduced with few materials here and there at home too.

The procedure is somewhat similar to that of Mad series of Harun Robert(Rob) of pogo. Let’s start then.

  • a) It requires solid styrene mask, newspaper, liquid or water, paints, glue.
  • b) First, make a number of paper balls and stick it by using a lot of tape on the styrene mask.
  • c) Next make a paper mache using paper pieces and liquid, using petroleum jelly may make the process easier.
  • d) Then start to deposit paper mache on the mask surface using a brush.
  • e) Allow it to dry for some hours
  • f) Then remove the cast from solid styrene mask.
  • g) Finally, its time to paint the cast using paints or decors, as per the required form.

Conclusion :

Though mask making is simple, it requires a lot of hard work to master it. It is a great form of art respected by every country and religion. Next time you see the mask in any place just grab it and remember those artists with great skills.


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