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Dance-forms are an indispensable part of Himachal Pradesh culture. The dances of Himachal are unique in terms of their movements and costumes. The indigenous tribal groups perform these dances with pomp and gaiety. It gives them much-needed respite from their monotonous life. No major religious festival is complete without dance during which the tribals perform to please the local deities.

Ghooghati Dance of Himachal Pradesh

Ghooghati dance is one among the popular folk-dances of Himachal Pradesh. The choreographic composition of this dance form is quite interesting.The performers stand in a line, and they are arranged in such a way that each dancer places his hands on the shoulders of the other. Two or three dancers sing the song, and the others repeat the lines. The performers move backward, forward and then bend sideways while singing. String instruments such as Ruman, Sarnagi, Ektara, Kindari Davatra are employed to create the music. The natives match the beats with the rhythmic movement of their feet. Earlier, people used to perform this dance-form until the dawn, but now the length of the performance has been considerably reduced.

Ghooghati Dance
Ghooghati Dance

Art and culture of a demographic area should be preserved for posterity. This dance form among various others is on the verge of decline mainly owing to urbanization. Another factor is lack of audience that is pretty much evident during folk dance performances.


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