Awesome Craft works Of Himachal Pradesh



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Craft works Of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the home to one of the most exquisite craft works ever produced. Since time immemorial, the Himachali craftsmen have carved intricate designs on wood and metal and have painted beautiful strokes on various types of canvas.

This rich cultural heritage is evident in the temples of Himachal Pradesh and a part of it is preserved in museums. With encouragement from the state government, much of this creativity still thrives today. Various art schools in Himachal Pradesh have helped the aspiring artists to hone their skills and pass on the baton to the younger generation.

Metalworks of Himachal Pradesh:

The metalwork of the region is very well known around the world and the tourists are fascinated by the designs in metal ornate. Another metal craft that is very unique and popular is Mohra. They are metal plaques and represent the deity of the chamba and kullu.

The mohras, made of brass and copper usually contain carvings of lord Shiva and mother Goddess. Each village has its own distinct Mohra. They are brought out of the temples in palanquins during major religious festivals like Kullu Dusshera.

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Mohra of a male deity
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Mohra of a female deity

Jewellery craft works of himachal pradesh:

The native people, especially in hilly regions, wear beaded jewelry which is complemented by chunks of gold and silver. Popular jewelry pieces include amulets, pendants, daggers, necklaces that have a touch of the royal lineage.

Silver jewelry is one of the oldest handicrafts in the state. Dodmala (Beaded necklace), Sabi (locket), Gal pattu (choker), Kangnu (bangles), Balu (nose-rings) are some of the silver jewelry items manufactured in the state.

Craft works
A metal bracelet

Kangra painting:

This style of art originated in Guler state, a region in the lower Himalayas. The popularity of Kangra reached its peak under the patronage of Maharaja Sansar Chand. The life of the young Lord Krishna(as depicted in Bhagavad Purana) against the backdrop of Brindavan forest or river Yamuna formed the main subject of the paintings. The love story of Nala and Damayanti was another popular theme.

The Kangra art form is well-known for the way it depicts the lush green surroundings. The style is naturalistic, and great attention is paid to detailing. The foliage is highlighted by using various hues of green. Natural colours made of mineral and vegetable extracts are employed in the painting.

Craft works
Kangra Painting

Wooden Craft works of Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal Pradesh is one of the very few areas where wood is used as a structural material. The most abundant wood in Himachal’s forests is the pine and deodar, along with walnut, horse chestnut and wild black mulberry. The Bamboo plant and Willow trees are also cut to make trays. Even though the art of wood making has rapidly declined over the years, it is still practiced widely.

Craftsmen toil hard day and night to make useful products like cradles, boxes, rolling pins and indigenous items like fruit bowls, wooden jewelry, decorative boxes and carved images.

Antique tribal chest
Wooden travel trunk
Wooden statue of Goddess Parvati dating back to the 11th century.

Most of the crafts of Himachal are tangible pieces of its culture which can be thought of as gifting commodities or prized collectibles for our showcases.


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