Ganjam Kewda Perfume

Ganjam Kewda Perfume is awesome, here Kewda is an extract from the male flowers of the screw-pine tree. This flower is dear to the Indian heart. It grows on a small tree or shrub which is both cultivated and grows wild in coastal areas. It can also be found in some inland districts but the flowers seem to create their most exquisite floral bouquet in certain coastal localities, the most famous being the Ganjam district of Odisha.

Kewra is used to flavor foods and for Ayurveda healing. The plants producing the best floral bouquet are grown in the Ganjam district of South Odisha. Kewda scent is produced in Chhatarpur, Brahmapur, Gopalpur, and Jagannathpur in the district of Ganjam, Odisha. Although kewda plants almost distributed almost throughout India, 90% of the production of kewda flower is estimated in this district of Odisha.

Ganjam Kewda Perfume

Ganjam Kewda Perfume

The kewda flower and its rooh, produced after processing the flowers, is also unique to the region. The flower grows in four coastal blocks of the district Chhatrapur,  Rangeilunda,  Ganjam, and Chikiti of Orissa. The Kewda oil is extracted by processing the flowers in distilleries. Around 250 processing units, locally known as bhatis, were engaged in processing the flowers.

Kewra Attar (Perfume)  

The Kewra flowers are distilled into sandalwood oil. Kewra Attar has about 3% to 5% Kewra oil, and the remainder is Sandalwood oil. Normally, it is specified in terms of the number of flower spikes (10,000 to 15,000) per pound of sandalwood oil, This is the most popular perfume used in India.

It is applied behind ears and used to scent clothes. The perfume is also added to various cosmetics.


The oil of the thorny flower is used in preparing gutka across the country, apart from its use in the perfume industry. After the ban on the manufacture and sale of gutka in several states, including Odisha, most of the processing units have stopped their operations.


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