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Who doesn’t know about the peppery snacks of India?

The Indian snacks are famous all around the world. Their taste and cooking make them unique. There can be an endless list of India snacks, here are few of them.

1. Golgppa

  indian snacks

It’s the most famous food in India. Every Indian has tasted it at least once. This dish minimum has these 4 items Puri, Ragda (made from pulses or potato), mithi chutney (sweet), tikhi chutney (spicy). The blend of sweet and spice gives it a marvelous taste. It has different names in different places for example Panipuri in Maharashtra, Phuchka in Eastern India.

2. Vada pav

 indian snack

Vada pav is the most popular and most consumed snack of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It’s the cheapest yet taste and stomach filling snack. It has a vada that’s made from potato and spices, a vada along with two chutney (red and green) and fried chili.

3. Chaat

 indian snacks

It’s one of the easiest snacks that can be made. You just need to add few ingredients and spices, mix it and tada it’s ready to eat. Chat can be of different types though. You can make them depending on your choice. You can make chana chaat, aloo chaat, dahi chaat, and so on. A new chaat for a new mood.

4. Pakora

 indian snack

Most of us get the cravings to get pakoras during raining season. Watching rain and eating pakoras with tea, what a feeling! Besides these small tasty bags comes in various varieties. You can make them from paneer, daal, onion, etc.

5. Khaman & Dhokla

 indian snacks

Khaman is the most famous Gujarati snack. It’s made from chickpea flour, they are yellow in color. It’s very spongy and luscious.

They are can be eaten with or without chutney. On the other hand, Dhokla is white and plain yet mouth watering. Dhokla can be made from wheat flour or rice flour.

6. Chakli

 indian snack

Want to eat something tasty and light? Chakli is one of the best solutions then. Chakli is made from different flour and spices in different shapes and sizes. But mostly they are made in circular rings. They are eaten with or without any chutney or sauce.

7. Samosa

 indian snacks

It’s the most common snacks, known all over India. The coating is made from white flour, while the stuffing is made from potato, peas, chili and spices. It’s has a really nice aroma and is toothsome, and not forget about its attractive pyramid shape. Small tasty samosas are also available. Both differ in taste and stuffing though.

8. Kachori

 indian snacks

Kachori is the famous Rajasthani snack. The coating is made from maida or white flour, but can also be made from wheat flour. And the stuffing can be made from either potato, onion, and spices or from different daals. It’s served with mithi chutney (sweet) which add piquancy to kachori.

9. Medu Vada

 indian snacks

Medu Vada is the most popular South Indian snack. It is made from split black gram. Medu Vada is served with delicious sambhar and coconut chutney. Take a bit of medu Vada dipped in sambhar and give your mouth and stomach a good treat.

10. Jalebi and Fafda 

 indian snack

It’s hard to find a better Sunday morning snack than Jalebi Fafda. It’s tastier than it looks. The sweet hot Jalebi and the crunchy sizzling Fafda, just thinking about it makes my mouth watery. The Fafda is served with papaya chutney.

If you haven’t tried any of them yet, then try them now. What are you waiting for? 


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