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With summer holidays already here, it is very important to plan the vacations wisely so that the long hot days become exciting and are utilized constructively.

Here are some fascinating do-it-yourself ideas for crafts that will turn your house into a creative paradise!

Making best-out-of-waste stuff is an interesting task, which may not be very expensive, yet it may be attractive and impressive.

Egg shells which may seem to be completely useless are great for making lovely decorative items. For this, the egg shells should be washed properly, preferably by soaking in very hot water to get rid of the smell, and then they are allowed to dry. They are then colored using permanent dyes or acrylic paint into vibrant colors.Beautifully colored egg shells can then be stuck on various items using adhesives. Old plastic or tin cans can be covered with a colored glazed paper on the outer side. Then, stick a white paper on the inner side. On the outer side, the egg shells can be arranged into beautiful flowers or any other design or can simply be stuck as multicolored egg shell mosaic. Now, this artistic can may be used as a pen/pencil holder or a vase. The egg shell mosaics can also be used on a cardboard which has been cut into a frame shape. There are many more ideas which can be used to make egg shell mosaic projects.


Another wonderful idea of using the waste is to use the coconut shells to make amazing crafts. Dry fruit holders can be made by breaking the coconut shells into two halves and then the outer side can be colored beautifully. These can also be used as diyas or candles by putting ghee into the coconut half. Then a piece of thread or rolled out piece of cotton is put into it such that one end is dipped into the ghee and the other end pops out for the diya to be lit.


Some fascinating ideas for craft can be out of Jute. Pen stands or dustbins or artificial flower vases can be made by taking a can, bottle or box of the desired size and shape. For this, white, black or brown colored paper can be stuck on the inner side of the can. Glue should be generously applied on the outer side of the can and then the piece of jute which has already been cut according to the size of the can, is carefully pastedon it. It is then allowed to dry. After it has dried up, the outer surface is decorated beautifully using colorful laces, mirrors etc. Jute painting can also be done on it making some nice design on the jute surface and then painting it colorfully. Other than this, jute painting can be done to make wall hangings, key stands, photo frames using jute as the base. Jute is available in numerous colors and so, amazing crafts can be made by using interesting color combinations.


Glass painting is also a wonderful pastime for long summer days. For glass painting, a piece of transparent glass, glass liners, paints, brushes, nail polish remover and a piece of clean cloth are required. First of all a piece of glass is taken. A paper of the size of the glass piece is taken and the selected pattern is drawn over this blank paper. Clean the glass piece thoroughly and fix the paper on one side of the glass. Take the glass paint of the desired color, preferably black, and attach the nozzle with narrow opening onto its mouth. Press the tube gently and make the outlines of the pattern. Allow it to dry for 2-3 hours. After the outline of the pattern has dried up, color the inside of the pattern using water based colors. Leave it to dry for 24 hours and the glass painting is ready!!


Embroidery is another very creative and beautiful craft. There are many types of embroidery patterns. Embroidery can be done on suits, kurtis and kurtas, cusion covers, bed sheets, wall hangings etc. There are many embroidery stitches and each stitch has its own elegance and technique. In the summer holidays, children have ample of time to learn and practice this art. A simple plain cloth can be transformed into an amazingly beautiful piece by just a few stitches done in matching or contrasting colors.


Summer holidays are much awaited both by the children and the parents and if these days are utilized by making fascinating items of crafts, these days not only become interestingly fun-filled but also useful.


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