5 plants that grow well in the summer


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Who does not love greenery all around, so calming and cooling to the eye? All the greenery has been disappearing due the concrete jungles that come up in its place. Clean, fresh air seems to be a luxury that only few are able to enjoy. In the fast paced and cramped life of today, gardening seems to have become a forgotten hobby. Either people do not have time to spend on it or there is no space in the modern living environment of cities for people to even think about gardening. Despite that, it is interesting to note that gardening is picking up as a hobby and activity by many urban homes.

One of the main reasons for people indulging in gardening is to ensure a regular supply of healthy and organic home grown food. Pesticide filled fruits and vegetables are wreaking havoc with health of the people today. The wide range of fatal illnesses and diseases are the result of pesticide rich vegetables and fruits available in the market. The fresh flowering plants also help to clear the polluted air that we breathe in. This has encouraged many families to get their hands dirty in rich fertile mud.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that relieves one of all kinds of stress, which they face in daily life. It requires a lot of patience to take care of the plants. Terrace gardens and balcony gardens are gaining popularity now. More and more individuals are planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables in pots in their gardens, terraces and balconies.

Decorative and flowering plants enhance the look of a place and garden, however if you want to grow organic vegetables and fruits, these too can be grown in pots. The advantage of potted plants is that you need not water them every day. The moisture in the potted plants is retained for a couple of days keeping the plant safe from drying.
Some of the plants that you can grow in pots

Marigold is a perfect plant to add colour to your garden. From light yellow to bright orange, this flower is used for various purposes like religious and medicinal. The plant also keeps pests away. Growing them in beautiful brass pots from Poompuhar will add elegance to your garden and home.


Hibiscus is a perennial plant that blooms all around the year. They bloom into lush full-bodied flowers when they receive direct sunlight. It can grow quite big so will need room to grow.


There are various kinds of crotons that you can grow in pots. These are decorative plants that help to make the garden look beautiful and green in the scorching sun.


Tomatoes grow well in pots. You need to provide some support for the plant to grow. You can grow cherry tomatoes or countryside tomatoes and enjoy a regular supply of fresh, luscious tomatoes.

Plectranthus ciliatus

This plant has dark green leaves and purple stems. It is a glamorous, exotic looking and easy to grow plant in pots.


This is a wonderful herb to grow in pots. It is a very useful herb used in everyday cooking and fortunately requires very little effort and maintenance to grow. What it needs is good sunlight which we Indians are amply bestowed with.

Poompuhar offers a wide range of pots to grow various kinds of plants including clay pots, cemented pots, brass planters for decorative use, and many more. They come in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to make a beautiful garden with these various kinds of pots. Plants like crotons and Thorny cactus can be easily grown in shade because they need sunshine less frequently. Get gardening and add that natural zing to your décor.


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