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Cane Craft Product. The cane is used for making common household accessories. The cane sticks are skillfully tied and bent together to make furniture, racks, swing, baskets etc. The varying thickness of cane is used for making the articles. Cane is the raw material from the rattan plant and it is tensile and durable.

It is therefore considered to be ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture. As it is quite versatile, it can be designed according to modern trends and styles to enhance both indoor and outdoor decor. Rattan gives one several option for crafting furniture, including on the color front.

Featuring a spectrum of naturally available colors, you can either create sets with different colors or a single set with multiple colors, experimenting with patterns as you proceed.

Cane Craft in India

The state of Assam is a treasure trove of cane & bamboo natural resources, thanks to its abundant cane and bamboo forests. Spread across the length and breadth of Assam, the artisans have for long been involved in the manufacture of beautiful cane and bamboo products. Assam has over the years, seen considerable socio-economic growth and sustained development due to its dedicated.

Skilled artisans and its beautiful natural resources. Some of the most popular cane items from Assam include Cane Floor Mats, Bamboo Tea Trays, Bamboo Head Gears, Bamboo Sieve, Musical Instruments, Bamboo Baskets, Hukkas, etc.

The state of Kerala is a popular tourist destination. It has a rich tradition of manufacturing beautifully painted mats and checkered black and white square boxes made of bamboo. While these items serve as excellent gifts, they also energize the handicraft market of this region. Some of the most popular bamboo and cane items from Kerala include – Bamboo Boxes, Mats, etc.

Cane Craft
Fine examples made of “Java” cane. Looks good for years and easy to keep clean.

Making Cane Furniture

The first step in the process of making Indian Bamboo furniture is heating of the bamboo/cane. Thereafter, it is molded into various shapes by hand, thus making the component parts. These components are attached together, using glue or screws, to create the frame. Then, the joints are wrapped with binding. Dying of the furniture follows soon after. Finally, a coat of lacquer is applied to it. Wicker furniture of India is also treated against parasites.

Making of cane furniture is achieved through several steps:
• Frame making with cane poles
• Polishing and
• Rounding with a thin processed cane.

In India, cane furniture is made by various groups of artisans/ craftspeople. Cane poles and thin processed cane from India are used in the production process.

cane craft
Cane Craft

Initially, lengthy cane poles are cut as per the required size. The cane pole is then heated using kerosene lamp and it is bent according to the desired/required shape with the help of shaping tool which is made of wood. Different parts of furniture are bent separately and joined together with a readymade flat cane. The cane frame is sent for the binding process.

Cane is first soaked in water until it attains moisture and it is weaved around the frame with a thin processed cane. Different motif patterns are created while weaving. After completion of weaving, the end parts are joined with nails. Finally, the furniture is polished using natural polish. Three coats of polish are given to attain a fine glossy look of cane furniture.


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