bengal pat

Traditional Bengal Pat

Bengal Pat is one of the old styles of painting. It is an art form that was found and developed in the Indian state of Bengal which is why it is called as Bengal Pat. It is an art form that is practiced for hundreds of years.

This art form usually depicts the story or a song about the medieval and ancient age. In this art called Bengal Pat the paintings were usually made on the songs that were sung on the streets about the past events and incidents of the places and also the gods and goddesses and the folk culture of ancient history.

Gods Bengal Pat

Bengal pat

The paintings depict the stories that were sung on the streets the songs that balladeer sung on the streets about the past events and incidents of the places and also about the wars, fights, Kings and their kingdoms, incidents, and tragedies in the form of ballads and songs But the paintings mostly depicted the times of the society and the folk culture of the place. 

The stories the singers and folk dancers did was started to be depicted in the form of paintings on scrolls of cloth so that they can be preserved and stored safely for future generations to know and so the stories and incidents won’t be forgotten.

singers and folk Bengal pat

Bengal pat

The paints used in this art are made From spices, leaves, flowers, earth, soot, etc. Most of the paintings only used the traditional colors of Bengal. The traditional colors of Bengal are red, green, black, indigo, deep yellow to orange, and brown. Almost all the paintings had the tint of deep red and orange or brown in it.

Even till the date, this art is admired by many and the main attraction of the Bengal Pat is that the artist talks about the real stories and incidents that took place.


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