Bamboo Rice

We Indians are die rice lovers and nobody can take this privilege from us. The typical dal chawa, rajma chawal and chhole chawal are to die for and you would agree? Not only in india all countries considered rice as an important food, as a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed by world’s human population especially in Asia. Rice have it’s different varieties, Asia’s most popular  “Bamboo Rice”. It is made with juice of bamboo plant that’s  why it’s colour is green.

Bamboo rice actually the seed that is produce by flowering bamboo at the end of it’s life span. Let us know about this bamboo rice which has an interesting story of harvest.

Qualities it poses  :

Lowers cholesterol  levelsIf you consume bamboo rice it decreases your chance of plaque formation in your anteries that leads to stroke heart attack etc.

Vitamin B6 : Consuming bamboo rice it will most beneficial to overcome from vitamin deficiency especially for pregnant women .

*Control joint painBamboo rice is said to be saint for pain in bones especially for joint pain. If people’s start consuming rice they can easily get relief from this disease.

Health benefit –

Bamboo rice

Weight loss :  Bamboo rice are weight loss friendly. This would be ideal food for those people who want to lose weight with their stomach full.

* Strength immune system :The  vitamins, minerals and antioxidant in bamboo rice improve body immune system.

* Digestion :Bamboo rice is know as remedy for digestion and immune digestive system.

How can people include them in there daily life :

Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice is full of benefits and this quality made it expensive. It is believed that bamboo rice have low glycemic index compare to other varieties. The biggest benefit for health conscious people is that these rice are weight loss friendly so you can easily replace it. You can  enjoy bamboo rice by making many dishes like bamboo rice khichdi [Pongal] and bamboo rice kheer etc.


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