Bamboo rice – The Last Souvenir of a Dying Bamboo Shoot


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Rice plays a predominant role in an Indian meal and has gained great culinary adoration with its exceptional whiff and simple taste. But all of us are just familiar with Oryza sativa or paddy rice. You might be perplexed right now to know that bamboo rice aka Mulayari in Malayalam and Moongil rice in Tamil exists. This ‘tribal’ rice isn’t produced throughout the year but only at the end of a lifespan of a bamboo tree which why not, is the last souvenir from the bamboo shoot.

Bamboo shoot flowers into a rare variety of rice seeds as it perishes which is harvested with great care. The unpredictable flowering and thorniness make the job harder. It is then cleaned and detritus removed, smoothed with clay and then parched. Though it resembles the paddy rice, it is slightly sweet in taste. It is cooked like any other rice but when cooked, it’s moist, sticky and chewy. Khichadi or Pongal and Kheer are the most common dishes cooked, however, it can be consumed like any other rice with side dishes. Bamboo rice is also perfect for Sushi. ” Cơm Lam “, an ethnic Vietnamese dish cooked from bamboo rice in bamboo tubes is served with a mixture of roasted sesame, peanuts and salt or grilled wild boar skewers.

bamboo rice

Bamboo rice is said to be rich in various nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber and protein. It is believed that bamboo rice has a low glycemic index compared to other varieties of rice, which is considered to be a healthier option for diabetics. It also has low or no fat and is recommended to people with high cholesterol to reduce the level. It is beneficial in joint pain, back pain and rheumatic pain as well. Ayurveda recommends for pregnant women and people with vitamin deficiency. Possessing so many curative properties, bamboo rice is suggested to people suffering from concerned issues.

A cup of cooked bamboo rice usually contains 160 calories, 34 g carbs and 3 g proteins. It’s priced around INR 250 for a kilogram which makes it immoderate for daily consumption. The best way for urban dwellers would be to add bamboo rice to your regular rice, maybe two or three tablespoons of bamboo rice to the regular rice quantity. With such great properties, bamboo rice is expected to seize the grocery market in the coming time.

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