Woman is always epitomized with beauty. And, Indian women are considered to be most beautiful women in the world due to their simple beautiful look and good health. The world wants to know the secrets of their beauty and here we are going to reveal the Ayurveda beauty tips women follow in India.

Secret of Long Hair

From centuries Indian women have been massaging their scalps with Amla    (Indian Gooseberry) Oil that strengthen their hair, makes them thicker and protects from immature graying. Not only it’s helps in growth of hair but also removes scalp and hair problems.


Secret of Beautiful Skin

Women in India don’t waste their time and money in beauty salons. They have natural and safe formulas for the maintenance of their skin. Honey, milk and cream are used to hydrate the skin. Both honey and milk can be added to chickpea flour and turmeric power to make a good face pack.

Sour Milk, Cream And Honey ey 5

Secret of Fitness (Physical and Mental)

Yoga is a precious ancient gift for the entire – physical, mental, spiritual and moral, well-being of a man. Yoga strengthens the body and improves postures and flexibility. Along with alleviating the physical aches it cure insomnia and mental depression. It soothes the nerve system and induces relaxation of body and mind. Moreover, it improves concentration for meditation and helps in achieving the state of super consciousness.

Yoga 2

 Secret of Good Health

Indian women believe in simple eating and simple living. They don’t crave for fancy fast food but feel happy to eat fresh home-made food. They are born cook and prepare food for the entire family. They love to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits and add dairy products in their meal on daily basis.

Healthy food




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