Cooking appliances are the basic tools without which a kitchen can’t work. The cooking appliances cover the essential list of utensils that helps in preparing gourmet meal. Most of the Indian food needs boiling, steam pressure, and frying. There is an endless list of kitchen items – basic and not-so-basic. List of a few essentials appliances include:

Cauldron (Kadai)  


Kadai is one of the basic tools, for Indian kitchen. Due to its wide shape and large volume it is the best choice for cooking plenty of food that demands frying, stir frying, and different sort of curries. These days there are a Varity of cauldrons – Iron, Steel, Aluminum, and non-stick Cauldrons that have been used home to home.

 Iron Tawa (Skillet)


 A flat skillet is a must for Indian kitchen. Chapatti (roti) is the basic bread for most of Indians which is cooked on skillet. Earlier iron skillets were only available in market but these days non-stick skillets are also very popular.


Pressure Cooker


Pressure cooker has made the Indian cooking easy and quick. The large amount of vegetables, beans, and pulses is now quick to cook in pressure cookers. They also help in saving energy.

Tea Pan

Tea pan

The importance of tea pan can be understood by the popularity oftea drinking in India. Not only for tea making the tea pan is also used for boiling purposes.

Mixer Grinder


Mixer and grinders has made the cooking enjoyable. With their use it’s easy to grind spices, to paste onions and tomatoes and to cut vegetables evenly.




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