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India is a country of diversity, with different religions being followed, and festivals being celebrated. The people of India have a vast variety of culture. Mizoram, land of hill people as derived from its name, has one such festival called as Anthurium Festival. This festival is all about colors, flowers, and sheer happiness. It was started in the year 2006 by the Mizo people and funding was provided by the government of India for ensuring more tourism in the north-eastern state.

There is an active participation of Mizo tribes and other tribal people from neighboring states. The festival is conducted around September and October when the blooming of Anthurium flower is on the peak.

Fashion Show at Anthurium Festival
Fashion Show at Anthurium Festival

In Mizoram, there is the cultivation of these flowers on alluvial soil. While this festival is celebrated, it ensures that there is a major contribution of the villagers of Reiek Village, as this is celebrated in that village. Reiek Village is situated on the Reiek Mountains. The festivals make the different communities bind together for a special cause, and let them share their happiness.

The breathtaking view of mountains from this village adds on to the positive vibrations of created in this festival. Anthurium Festival is a three-day cultural event. It has all the elements for making it a big success around the globe. This attracts most of the foreigners around the world and increases the tourism.


The festival comprises of different music events, with Mizo music form be the major one. Different types of the dance form, sports activities, and exhibition of handicrafts and handlooms are summoned. This festival is one option for the Mizo community to blend with other communities and initiate a greater bond. There is a culture exchange seen in this festival.

The shops are lined up with all the beautiful traditional handicrafts and handlooms. This attracts a lot of tourists to buy them and decorate their homes with it. This event has other competitions like Archery, Fishing, Rifle Shooting, River Rafting, and Trekking on the beautiful Reiek Mountains, Rock Climbing and much more.


For people who want to explore in this world, this festival deserves a place on your bucket list. It has all the elements required for an adventurous life. This festival is not just about blooming of Anthurium flower, but it is also about making India more diversified, culture rich and special.


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