13 Earrings Every Women Should Have!



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Earrings are one of the most important ornaments a wear. They make you look more appealing. There are certain kinds of earrings every woman should have, so here are a few.

1. Jhumkis

Jhumkis are being worn since ages without losing their charm. You can wear them with any traditional clothing. Also, there is a variety of Jhumkis to choose from. Each having their own allure.

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2. Pearl Stud Earrings

Simply stunning, that’s what you may think while looking at this earrings. They are very simple and classy. You can wear them with any of your favorite dress of any color, Diamond and Pearl goes with everything.

 ear ring
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3. Chandanbalis

Chand means the moon. Chandanbalis are moon shaped earrings. These ones give cool and calm vibes. Along with they, are equally desirable and attractive. You can wear them with you favorite blue dress, kurti, saree and to any clothing, you think it’ll look gorgeous.

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4. Drop earrings

The end part of these earrings is drop shaped and hence the name. They are very sophisticated and lavish. With this earrings, you may or may not wear a necklace, totally your choice. They would still add charm to your beauty

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5. Chandelier earrings

One of the surest ways to dress up a room in your home is to add an elegant chandelier. And one of the season’s most versatile accessories, the chandelier earring, can be counted on to deliver a dose of style to any outfit.

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6. Kundan Earrings

The word Kundan means purified gold. Kundan jewelry was worn by Queens. Hence making Kundan earrings one among the royal pieces of jewelry. Now how wouldn’t want to look royal?

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7.Changeable plates earrings

Imagine changing your the color of ornaments according to the color of your dress. Wouldn’t that be great? If yes then you should definitely have these amazing set of earrings. You could change their plates to different colored plate depending on your dress.

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8. Micro pave earrings

It’s not possible to wear heavy and glittery earrings all the time. That’s why these earrings are really important. You can wear them on regular days. Also with a pairing chain, you could wear them in some short functions.

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9. Dangles

Talk about earrings and dangles don’t cross our minds that’s uncommon. Dangles are one of the most popular earrings. They add charm to your personality at another level. Dangles could be used during some of the most occasions like marriages, and also for some festival. Depending on your occasions choose your Dangle.

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10. Earrings with Chains

One of these Indian chain Earrings gives you a rich look. You could wear them with any of your traditional dress. The chain also divides the force of the heavy Earrings, making it simpler to carry them.

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11. Hoops earrings

Wear a Patiala or any Western dress you would love these kinds of hoops along. Hoops make your look cool and light hearted. One must always carry these rings of charm.

              ear rings
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12. Needle Earrings

Want to wear long, classy earrings but not heavy and broad. Then you should definitely try a pair of needle earring. These are long, light and Stunning.



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13. Lac / Brass Earrings

Are you bored by wearing all gold and stones, then go for these sexy Brass earrings? They can be worn in college and small occasions. They are cool and cute.


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