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The human body is comprised of many different types of cell, organs, tissue, nervous system and number of glands, which keeps us alive. Proper maintenance of the body is required to have a healthy life and it is done by taking proper vitamins and nutrients on daily basis. We eat food daily but we never look at what we are eating, is it giving our body proteins and nutrients on the proper scale or not. 

We, humans, need a lot of nutrients, protein good amount of calories to maintain a healthy life and proper functioning of our body systems. Food is an essential part of our daily life and it impacts a lot if we don’t take proper food as required.  To have a healthy life every one requires a healthy diet plan. Whenever some people are asked what they know about diet plans they say we have to skip either a mid-day meal or dinner, but a diet plan even a healthy diet plan does never demand you to skip our mid-day meal or dinner. 

A healthy diet plan is a composition of energy-rich foods which have carbohydrates and fat in them, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Energy-rich food includes Products such as milk, yogurt, ghee, fruits, bread, rice, cereal, corn, beans, nuts, sugar. Protein-rich food: Pulses, nuts, meat, fish, dairy product, chicken breast, cheese, green vegetables, peas. Vitamins & minerals-rich food: Sweet potato, carrot, salmon, egg, avocado, mushroom, tofu, oats, brown rice, cashew, lemon, capsicum, bread. Having a healthy diet plan is required everyone knows but why? Because it gives us a lower risk for many heart diseases and other health problems. Is having a healthy diet is enough? No. Taking breakfast, mid-day meal and dinner in good time are also required. 

Our body has a biological clock and it has a particular time when our body releases chemicals to digest the food we have taken.  Another misconception about diet plans is that it’s impossible to have a healthy diet plan without non-veg included but it is verified from various diet plans that it’s not necessary to have a non-veg, we can have a healthy diet even with green vegetables and dairy products. 

According to many yoga gurus, it has been proven that green vegetables are the base of a healthy diet plan and it does not require any hardships to maintain. Someone has said very well – ”It does not matter how much we eat, what matters is that what we eat.”


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