Kodo Millet commonly known as Paspalum scrobiculatum. It is an annual grain that is grown basically in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. It is also found in West Africa from where it has its origin. In India it is grown as a major food source whereas in most of the areas it is grown as a minor crop .

Kodo Millet is drought tolerant and can survive on marginal soils where other crops may not survive. In Africa, Kodo Millet is best known for providing nourishment to subsistence and elsewhere.

Cultivation :

Kodo Millet is a monocot tufted annual or perennial grass that grows up to 150 cm tall. For Kodo millet the best type of soil is clay–based soil. For proper growth, Kodo Millet needs full light. Ideal temperature for growth is 25-27°C.

Health benefit :

Kodo Millet is a good substitute to rice or wheat. It helps in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. Kodo Millet helps to reduce the body weight and it is very much beneficial for postmenopausal women. It is good for those who are suffering from signs of cardiovascular disease, like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Listed below are some of the popular health benefits of Kodo Millet –

1.Anti diabetic Kodo millet reduce fasting blood glucose level. Anti- diabetic compounds that are present in kodo are ferulic acid, quercetin and vanillic acid. Thus, its regular use can help diabetic patient in a lot ways.

2.Antiobesity – It is high in fibre & prevents weight gain. So we can regard it as a functional food to manage weight and promotes weight loss.

3.Cholesterol reduction – Regular consumption of kodo millet helps to lower the triglycerides and C- reactive protein.

Nutritional value  :

Kodo Millet is a nutritious grain and a good substitute to rice or wheat. The grain is composed of 11% of protein, providing 9 gm/ 100g when consumed. It is an excellent source of fibre. Kodo Millet contains 66.6g of carbohydrates and 353 kcal and 3.6g of fat (per 100g). Koda also contains high amounts of polyphenols, an antioxidant compound .

Consumption :

The consumption of Kodo Millet is different everywhere like in India, it is ground flour & used to make pudding. In hilly areas, also it is grown as a food source for farmers. It also makes a good cover crop.

In Africa , it is cooked like rice. It is also known as a best choice for animal fodder, for cattle, goats, sheep and poultry.

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