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I have been searching all over my place for the perfect metal wall hanging for my home. Despite my search, I couldn’t find one that fits my home perfectly. And finally, my search got answered at an online website where there were not just one but many conforming to my liking. Hence I wish to share my point of view and choices of best wall hangings for home décor. Here are a few of them.

The 9 Mukhi Hindu Lord Ganesha metal wall hanging:


This decorative wall sculpture is of 9 inches’ height, 8.5 inches’ width with weight being 340 gms. Also, can be categorized as traditional wall mask art with Vastu and Feng Shui. Made from premium quality material and is handmade. It can be presented as a beautiful handwork and a perfect showpiece of Indian handicrafts. Ideal for decorations and gifting. The product is an exclusive in-house design and brand of “Collectible India”.

Welcome Lady Metal Wall Hanging:


This brown color metal hanging of a beautiful women’s face can serve as a perfect welcome sign for the guests. The piece is very beautifully designed and traditionally crafted. Its beauty allures to all who visit the place. The product being 5.3 inches in length, 1 inch in width and 11.6 inches’ in height. “eCraftIndia” is the authorized designer and seller for this product.

Handmade Leaf Design Natural Theme Decorative Wall Hanging: 


A wall mount vintage home décor show piece. This beautiful flower design iron wall hanging is 20 inches in height, 15 inches in width and 3 inches in depth. A certified quality metal is used to make this design piece. Ideal for gifting on anniversary, thanksgiving, easter, birthday, wedding, Christmas, Valentine etc. An exclusive in-house design and brand product of “Collectible India”.

Handmade Jaipuri Parrot Mirror work Metal Tapestry:


This exclusive handmade metal door hanging comes in multi colors. The parrots and mirror work studded with artificial beads in between is eye-catching of the product. The metal used for this hanging being Paper Mache with length 96cms. It is exclusively designed for home decoration. Manufactured and sold by “Jaipuri Haat”.

Elegant Wall Hanging Tree of Wisdom:


This elegant metal wall décor is designed by the combination of contemporary and traditional methods. Beautifully handcrafted and its metal manufacturer promises long lasting use. The piece is a mix of age-old artisanship and contemporary styling. Its weight being 4000gms with height 88cms, Length 97cms and width being 4cms. This antique wall décor piece is sold and fulfilled by “MohanJodero”.

Unique White Metal Chakra Ganesha Idol Hanging:


This handcrafted unique antique idol of Lord Ganesha is made of pure oxidized white metal. It is polished in silver color with a glossy finish to give the product an alluring look. The antique piece is manufactured by creative artisans of Jaipur. Can be used as a decorative show piece for the living and drawing rooms. It will be an ideal gift for housewarming, wedding, birthday celebrations etc. The length of the product is 8 inches, width 0.5 inches and height being 8 inches. The antique piece is a brand product of “Little India”.

Lemon Chilly Wall Door Hanging:


This handcrafted traditional design of lemon chili is perfect for any home. This Rajasthani door wall hanging is made of white metal. A metal ring attached on the top can be used to hang it on the wall. Its length is 3 inches, width 1 inch and height being 10 inches. The antique piece is a brand product of “Little India”.



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