Famous Screw Pine Craft of Kerala

Screw Pine Craft of Kerala
Screw Pine Craft of Kerala

Screw pine craft or pine craft is a traditional cottage industry in Kerala. It was started as an empowerment tool for women in the geographical region but later became highly popular due to its eco-friendly form of practice. It is produced in Malappuram and Lokamaneshwaram in Thrissur district of Kerala. It ranges from a variety of bags, table mats to beach hats.

Screw pine, also known as pandanus (Thaza in Malayalam) is largely available in Kerala. It belongs to Pandanaceae family. They are identified by sword-shaped leaves, prickly margins, and aerial roots, spliced pandanus leaves are very flexible and pliable.

they bear a strong resemblance to palm leaf. It is a large plant grows best in sunlight but requires shade from the bright summer sun.

State famous for screw pine craft


In Kerala, the screwpine is divided into male and female, male being called Aanu Thahza and female being referred to as Pennu Thahza in Malayalam.



1 The pine leaves are first cut with a Katti(knife) and the thorns are spliced apart splicing the leaf into two. the leaves are then rolled outwards to prevent them from curling.

2. After drying it is straightened by rolling it the other way in a circular reel.

3. If the leaf is bleached or dyed it again leads to curling which adds to the complication. thus it is done with bare hands and is quite tedious.

Post this task it depends on the craftsman the shape he/she wants to create out of them-

  • Weaving the mat: it is one up one down plain structure done by hands.it is most commonly adopted. Twill leave pattern is also brought into use as a new technique. to end the edges for smoothing out the open ends are tucked in in reverse direction. it takes around 1 day to weave 6ft. by 3ft. of a mat. finer strands increase the time likewise.
  • Braiding the handles: A bunch of strands is adorned around to hide waste strands
    with one up one down the structure to make a handle then forced to administer a circular section.
  • Creating the containers: From the mats, patterns square measure cut out as per given dimensions.These cut outs are sewn in conjunction with a button hole sew mistreatment screwpine yarn everywhere around the perimeter. Reinforcement is given inside, by cardboard sheets that square measure sandwiched by the material or screwpine mat itself from the opposite facet.

Banana is mainly cultivated for its seedless fruit, which can be eaten raw as well as ripe. The flowers of the plant are also edible. The young plant along with the leaves have an auspicious value in the Indian culture. Banana leaf has a special utility in the southern part of India, where it is used as a plate for eating.

Screw pine craft not only promotes the green practices but also provides employment in an eco-friendly manner. it among many cultural wonders of India that not only displays the power of craftsmanship but also promoting judicious use of resources.


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