45aaThere is no standard prescription for fashion jewellery and what is in fashion this year may not be so next year. Though we keep an eye on expected fashion trends, we use all kinds of material to craft our jewellery that ranges from beads, bone, ceramic, and glass but rarely use gold or silver except perhaps in strings specifically on deman. The fact is that fashion jewellery uses material that is not high-priced but within the affordable range of buyers.

The company has its own design team but accepts suggestions from its buyers regarding materials and colour to be used. These buyers even forecast the next season’s fashion trends. In addition, L K Mishra travels abroad frequently to get the feel of fashion jewellery and that helps a lot. Since most of the raw materials are available within a radius of 200km acquiring them at short notice does not cause hindrance or delay in the company’s production schedules. The main market is mostly in Western Europe.

L K Mishra

Janki Exports


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