33aaSince the beginning our objective has been to be different and with over a decade now in
this line of business we have achieved our objective. In every fair that we take part, we display a new collection of our products and we have never repeated even once. Overseas buyers have noticed us and the feedback has been quite encouraging. One would ask how we have done it. It is by keeping our design details simple, enhancing aesthetic value and above all, one that affects consumers in the end, making them as affordable as possible. While everyone talks about recession, fashion jewellery is recession-proof.

Excessively fancy items in a necklace or a bracelet need not make them unique or classy. After all, what make fashion jewellery attractive are beads and a string, isn’t it? So, we keep it simple using beads of all shades and varieties. We have a good market in Europe and in the USA as well. We like the jewellery produced in Hong Kong because it is exclusive.

Bambi Daing

Elcorp Pvt. Ltd.


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