Totaram Jewelers, now based in New Jersey (USA), was a family business then, started in Abid Road, Hyderabad city in India. It was established in 1901. Totaram Jewelers first started with crafting Minakari jewelry, which had a great demand at that time. Then they decided to take a step ahead and adopted impressive concepts in designing and crafting jewelry.

Totaram Jewelers started operating online in 1999 and within no time build a reputation for itself in jewelry styling, designing, quality, and price. Totaram Jewelers online have a great range of jewelry starting with gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, vaddanams, diamond sets to other precious stones including ruby, sapphire, and emerald. They also offer ethnic collections of antiques, uncut diamonds, and temple jewelry. They handle customizable orders for customers with specific requirements too.

Totaram Jewelers deal with 22K Indian gold jewelry. Expert craftsmen from India, who have great knowledge and skills in designing jewelry, produce the designs for what Totaram Jewelers is well known for. They also have a continuous focus on quality control of their jewelry. The 22K gold jewelry is hallmarked with a 916KDM stamp to validate the quality of the gold. Uncut diamonds are IGI certified too

Totaram Jewelers values customer input and feedback that helps them in providing jewelry according to the customers’ taste and preferences.

Totaram Jewelers

By Asad Shaikh


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