Fashion is a state of the mind. So, what is fashion to someone may not mean much to another. There is no set prescription to a fashion and since there are so many variables, fashion become that much more interesting and challenging to create as well. It is all about creativity but one has to understand the suble variations in different parts of the world. For example, the color and size of the beads that South America & Middle East page39acustomers like is entirely different from those preferred by Spanish or Portuguese.

There is intense competition from other Asian countries in this field who offer cheaper alternatives. As regards handcrafted items are concerned, India still remains supreme and Indian jewellery is handcrafted. And for this, there is no alternative yet. Ravi Khanna mentions this because NCCR Exports export handcrafted jewellery and accessories and there is competition in this segment. On the other hand, competition brings out the company’s best.



NCCR Exports


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