dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar Falls is a three streamed, four-tiered and fifth-highest waterfall located on the Mandovi River in the Indian state of Goa. Strategically located on the Goa-Karnataka border, the gorgeous waterfall attracts thousands of tourists from all around the World. The falls is located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park among the Western Ghats.

The gushing water creates an illusion of milk flowing through the mountains. The water forms a deep green pool at the base of the falls, before continuing westward to join the Arabian Sea. Surrounded by deciduous forests with rich biodiversity, Dudhsagar is one of the finest and most pristine pieces from nature’s collection. The strong currents and rushing sound of water subdue all other unnecessary chatter from our mind.

The Dudhsagar waterfall measures an impressive 310m (1017ft) in height and about 100ft in width. The waterfall splits into three streams as it pours over the near-critical cliff face, thus forming a truly magnificent sight. This waterfall is also known as Tambdi Surla to some of the local people.

dudhsagar waterfall

One must either go on foot or by rail to reach this wondrous site. The most adventurous trek starts from the village of Kuveshi. One of the preferred tourist treks is the one that begins at Castle Rock station in Karnataka. One can also reach the waterfalls with the help of the Wildlife sanctuary taxi near a Goan village called molem. One can see the full view of the waterfall this way.

The best time to visit Dudhsagar waterfalls depends on what you want to encounter at these magical streams. October to June will give you pleasant weather and gushing, tamed water in the waterfall. Monsoon months from July to September see furious, yet exquisite water flow. Although reaching the falls in the monsoon season is difficult the sheer majesty and splendour of this natural wonder make it worthwhile.


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