The Riddle of UFO Base place - Kongka pass state

UFO Base place in Kongka pass state

Are you looking for The Riddle of UFO Base place in Kongka pass state then check out this post to know more. Kongka La pass is a low rim pass in the Himalayas. It is a disputed border between India and China. The north-eastern part of this region is handled by China and is named Aksai Chin whereas the southwestern part is under the responsibility of India by the name Ladakh.

Apart from its scenic popularity, this Kongka pass is famous for being a place to be constant under the name of numerous UFO sightings. From locals to the government officials, many have claimed to see lightings and flying objects in the sky.

Kongka UFO base place

No one has yet found out a solid proof of anything as such. People on both Indian and Chinese sides claim this place to be a UFO landing site considering the huge rocky mountainous region and being out of reach for many.

Kongka La Pass

Kongka La Pass

Kongka pass mystery gained popularity when Google Earth released some satellite images in 2006 that showed that the surrounding area had buildings that very much looked like a military facility. This was not the only news that intrigued everyone.

A group of people was off to their pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. On their way, they saw strange lights in the sky but couldn’t make out what they were. Fascinated by those lights, they decided to look out for them in the area as they had the permit to go to and fro in that region. But when asked they were denied permission by both Indian as well as Chinese authority. The police force reported 100 sightings between August 1, 2012, and October 15, 2012.

A Group of glaciologists and geologists SAC Ahmedabad while on an expedition encountered a 4-foot tall robot-like humanoid figure that was moving and suddenly took off vertically in the sky and disappeared.

In the same year, the Indian army too came across a long ribbon-like object in the sky. They used a spectrum analyzer to detect the object, but even the object was visible to the naked eye, the instrument gave no results of picking up any frequencies.

UFO spottings

UFO spottings

As the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates meet in this Kongka region, the earth’s crust is twice its usual thickness. This unusual fact and the different light and object sightings have baffled the minds of a lot of people to think that both the governments might be quite aware of the situation and yet chose to not speak to avoid human attraction.


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