Indian decorative styles have a vast history. Back in the time of Indus Valley Civilization, the artists were determined about adorning their place with various art and crafts. From stone carvings to traditional arts, they were among the profound designers.

One such alloy was used by them, called as the “Bell Metal”. It’s a mixture of brass, nickel and zinc. This metal casting method hails from the period of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

The artists had no machinery in their era, and all the modifications were done using hands. They used “lost wax casting” method for casting the metal into different shapes and sizes.

This type of crafting is famous in the Eastern side of India.
Confiding the vast history in them, these bell metal handicrafts can attract a lot of visitors at your place.

This craft had a blend of colours and functionality. They are not just a piece of showcase, but can be used extensively at homes, office and other places. These crafts display worldliness, good taste and define subtlety.

Hinduism is the dominant and native religion of Indian subcontinent. India has been a home to different gods and goddesses. You will find a temple in every street of India. The oil lamps, bells, sculpture of gods, all are formed of this metal. These metals were also used by Spanish and Portuguese for making cannons.

Crafts like boxes, can be used for placing your valuable stuff at your homes. A lot of artistic things are made from this alloy. Just placing those on your table or putting them in glass cabinets can enhance the beauty of your bedroom or living room.

These are exotic and high in demand. As these are non-ferrous, they won’t get rusted too. They are also easily washable and shine the brightest.

While the interior designers are looking forward to old traditional things for decor, they are bringing the ancient trends into life now. Old wooden door handles are being replaced with this bell metal crafted handles.

For all the lovely ladies, who like to flaunt their collection of makeup and jewellery, they need to buy themselves the bell metal caskets. It creates a good impression on the opposite individual.

The sharp designs and metal castings are now more of use, rather than just being used in temples or making weapons. Go; beautify your home with some.- Twinkle Ahuja


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