The Glow of Hope- A Mesmerising Woman



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The Glow of Hope is a painting that is alternately called ‘Woman with the Lamp’. This painting was painted by the artist S L Haldankar between 1945-46.

This painting is currently stored in  Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery at Jaganmohan Palace in Mysore, India. 

Glow of Hope Painting

The painting is of an Indian woman holding a lighted lamp in one hand, and covering the flame with another hand, illuminating her face with a gorgeous soft glow. The effect of the painting is heightened by the shadow of this woman in the back.  The woman in the painting is the third daughter of the artists, Gita Haldankar. 

The story behind this painting is that one Diwali (festival of lights) Haldankar saw his daughter in a beautiful saree with a candle in her hand and her hands covering the flame. The rays of light radiated through the gap of her fingers and created a soft luminance on her face. This made Haldankar decide that he would paint this captivating beauty on a canvas. 

The speciality of this painting is that is a watercolor painting, and thus it shows the artist’s mastery in his art. He wanted to use this medium for his painting to show the world that he has enough skills required in any artist, that he can make a painting without any single mistake. The painting has no deliberate distortions in it. 

This painting is a captivating beauty that can make you think that you staring right into a real woman’s eyes. If you have never seen this painting before, we suggest you do so!


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