The Charismatic Vrindavan


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Are you looking for Charismatic Vrindavan? then to check out this post.  Uttar Pradesh has a major place for Pilgrimage known as Vrindavan. The childhood memories of Lord Krishna has been immersed in every corner of that city. The people there, speak the language of love.

Vrindavan evokes the sportive nature of Lord Krishna and tells the stories related to them. This is that holy place where Krishna truly loved Radha and used to play with Gopis to make her jealous.

Charismatic Vrindavan

The energy there is magnificent. Home to more than 5000 temples, it is situated 15 km from Mathura; on Agra-Delhi Highway.

Charismatic Vrindavan

Krishna was raised there by his foster parents Nanda Maharaj and Yashoda. Every villager was in deep love with Krishna. Be it his childhood pranks, or the protection he provided to villagers. Everything was pestered and cherished.

Krishna used to play the flute while sitting under the tree, and every girl was wooed by his charm. he made love flow in the wind and ensured positive vibrations around. A large number of pilgrims still find their peace in Vrindavan.

It is also known as the city of widows as all the women who are devoid of their husbands, find their home here. They sing hymns for Lord and let themselves be totally into the fondness of God.


The Prem Mandir is the famous temple in Vrindavan. It is well known for it colorful lighting outside the temple. From aartis to Bhajans, this place serves a peaceful environment to the tourists around the world.

While there are interesting places to visit, there is amazing food to have to. The must try restaurants like Ammaji’s Restaurant, MVT Restaurant, Brijwala and New Govinda should be on your list.

Vrindavan is known for its best festival that is Holi. People all around the world, even from Abroad come here to witness the biggest carnival of colors. The festivities start from the Makar Sankranti and the go beyond Holi.


There is line up of major events. Before the main festival day, there is an event called Phoolon wali Holi, which attracts a lot of tourists. Other festivities include Holi at Banke Bihari Temple and Widows’ Holi. No person is devoid of colors here.

On the Holi day, the streets get filled with colorful minds, and fun all around. With mugs full of bhang (cannabis) and mind devoid of tension. Every folk celebrates the festival with great joy. Pure happiness has been found by the people here and every day the number of tourists are getting increased.

– Twinkle Ahuja


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