Incredible Thanjavur Art Plate: Process to Make and History


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Thanjavur Art Plate

Thanjavur Art Plate is Incredible. Thanjavur is a city of Indian state Tamil Nadu which is a glimpse of famous monuments and temples. This temple is decorated by skilled artists. As you go to this temple you will find beautiful jewel boxes, Thanjavur art plates made of brass and copper.

Thanjavur art plates are a classic unique craft and enjoy the conservation form the specialist of art all over the world. It is the circular plate known as a gift item.

This is the gift with worship for the better to whom we give a gift. The plates are embossed and carved carefully with fine art, made of silver and other mastery material.

History of the Thanjavur Art Plate

The plates are designed with god from Hindu mythology. The art is the dominant of South India 1st introduced in the 18th century by Rajah Serfoji (1777-1832) during Maratha rule.

It is made by a few special families of Thanjavur who belongs to the Vishwakarma community.

These artifacts show the Royal nature of the kingdom. Each a stunning piece of art several thousand and tens of thousands.

The artworks register for protection under the Geographical indication of the TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) agreement. It is the listed at item 63 as “Thanjavur Art Plate” of the GI act, 1999 of the Government of India.

Nowadays, the Government has new rules and regulations for those who want to make Thanjavur Art Plates. To produce these artifacts, you should be registered and certified.

The authorized user logo must be imprinted on all plates to make sure that these plates are genuine and original.

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Thanjavur Art Plate: How it is made?

Thanjavur Art Plate
Thanjavur Art Plate
Thanjavur Art Plate
Thanjavur Art Plate

The procedure of making the art plate is in the 3 stages as given below:-

a) Initially the base of art plate is made. The material used in the base plate is Brass. This is made with the desired metal cutting as per the required size and shape.

The front side of the brass is wash and polished and then fixed on a wooden base with an asphalt bed. The entire frame is heated with a blowpipe and leveled until the base design is prepared.

b) After getting a base ready we require a round plate with primary relief. In this stage, metal sheets are superimposed and encrusted on the base.

This is done by filling a mixture of wax made of brick powder, gingili oil, and frankincense. These ingredients are used to fill hollow depressions at the back of the metal relief sheets.

Thus the relief sheets are then placed on the base plate and encrusted by punching along the grooves. The relief sheet is then polished and prepared for the final designs.

c) As the last process, the secondary relief is made.

The designs on the central circular metallic disc are usually made are figures of deities like Lord Nataraja, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Ashta Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesh.

Conclusion of Thanjavur Art Plate

Thanjavur art plate is the dominant of Indian ancient art show the world about Indian art and culture also their uniqueness which never found and created around the globe.


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