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Are you looking for Tamilnadu Arts and Handicrafts Specialities then check out this post to know more. Tamilnadu is famous for fine handiwork of India, which has evolved due to its rich culture and traditions. These handicrafts are available in various Handicraft Centers of the State and Central Govt. Some of these handcrafts are listed below:

The life-like stone sculptures, Rosewood and Sandalwood carvings, Thanjavur paintings, celestial figures in brass and bronze are some of the commendable pieces of art of the Tamil society. Besides these, brass lamps and Thanjavur art plates too are very impressive.

Tamilnadu Arts

Numerous ethnic art forms are created by skilled artisans of Tamilnadu. Replicas of artifacts from the Chola and Pandya dynasties have been beautifully reincarnated. The imagination and creativity of artisans is expressed in the form of amazing handicrafts which add to the style statement of homes all over the world.

One can witness the wonderful art of the Tamil craftsmen in the Hindu Temples also. The beautiful wooden ornamental doors, chariots made of gold, silver or wood, Kavachams, vahanams, Dwajasthambams, idols, bells etc. speak high about the skilled artisans. Along with all this, silver sheeting work, gold cladding work on copper sheeting work and even gold or silver kavasams for the deities are crafted by the skilled hands of these craftsmen.

In the Tirunelveli district of Pattamadai village in Tamilnadu, korai grass along with silk or cotton are used to craft attractive reed mats, shopping bags, place mats, runners, office folders etc. Modern design inputs and ideas have made them chic and brought them in demand both nationally and internationally.

The hand woven beautiful kanchipuram silk saris of Tamilnaduare famous for their delicate and fine work. The saris have motifs of sun, moon, peacock, swan etc. woven along with gold thread, with the pallu having a different pattern in most cases.

The art of casting icons of bronze as in the Choladynasty is still done in a modified manner. Swamimalai, Madurai and Tiruchirapalli are the centres for best bronze icons.

Tanjore Gold Leaf Paintings, another form of art, depict stories with the Ramayana and Krishna-Leela themes. In this extremely beautiful art, craftsmen use gold leaf, metal pieces and semi-precious stones to decorate the paintings.The best of these paintings are available in Chennai.

Paper Mache is also a spectacular handicraft of Tamilnadu, where the waste paper pulp is hand beaten and mixed with clay and then transformed into dolls, icons of gods and goddesses, masks etc. It is then dipped into a thin solution of white clay and paper pulp, which on drying is colorfully painted with oil colors.

Stonecraft, yet another craft of the people of Tamilnadu, involves carving of stonesto make sculptures, garden lights, nameplates etc. Mahabalipuram is famous for this craft.

Pottery making by people of many parts of Tamilnadu includes making figures of deities, water jugs, tea and dinner sets, and many other stylish and decorative items. Red, black and grey clay are used for the purpose.

Several places in Tamilnadu are famous for their wood craft. The famous rosewood carvings of Madurai include the making of exquisitedesigns on table tops. Articles of household use and beautifully and minutely carved woodcrafts are made for decorative purpose.

Tamil women have a unique style of floral embroidery called pugara part from the beautiful geometric patterns which they stitch. Appliqué work is done in Tanjore for decorating carved chariots used during processions.

The famous Bhawani Durries of Coimbatore are hand woven in cotton and silk with stripes or traditional designs on them.

Brass and bell metals are used in Nachiarcoil in Thanjavur district of Tamil nadu to cast articles like vases, tumblers, water containers, candle stands and kerosene lamps.

The making of musical instruments is another major craft practiced by the people of Tamilnadu as music and dance is vital component of the Tamil culture. Veena, Thamburas, flute and Vangiyam are made out of bamboo, bronze, sandalwood andkarungaali woods.

Tamil craftsmen engaged in so many different types of handicrafts are an asset to our nation. Along with providing various items of utility, they help us in adding style and decoration to our houses, work places, and temples.


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