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The word Paratha typically means layers of cooked dough and it is originated in India. It is made of wheat which is the traditional staple food of Indian sub-continent. Parathas are well known in their cooking methods as well as in their stuffing. Some of them are as follows.

Lachcha/Lachedar Paratha:

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This classic version of paratha has long been on top of the list for all food lovers. Good amount of Atta, ghee, and water goes into the making of this paratha with added salt. All the ingredients are combined and kneaded to form a smooth dough and kept aside for 20 mins. Rolled into thin disc and ghee applied all over followed by floor sprinkled on it. Then from the edge start folding and pleating the paratha until it looks like a paper fan. Roll the pleated dough into a tight circle and join the edges. Roll again with some flour dusted on it and put it on a Tawa or griddle for cooking. Squish the parathas in palms so that the layers are visible and then serve hot.

Lachcha paratha goes well with any variety of curry, gravy, and pickle.

Mix Vegetable Parathas:

mix veg paratha

A whole wheat flour paratha with added salt, water, and oil, kneaded into a soft dough. The richness of the paratha lies in the stuffing. A variety of boiled vegetables goes into the stuffing like carrots, peas, French beans, cabbage, onions etc. mixed with masalas such as jeera, turmeric, red chili, coriander and garam masala powders followed by ginger garlic paste. The stuffing is ready by mixing all the vegetables along with the masalas. Stuff the roti with vegetable mixture and roll it out into a paratha and pan fry on a Tawa.

Provides energy of 266kcal, carbs of 44.7gms, a protein of 8.4gms etc.

Mushroom Parathas:


This tasty and healthy paratha is made with wheat flour, ghee, added salt and water. Stuffed with fried onions, green chilies, finely chopped ginger garlic, spring onion, finely chopped mushrooms along with added masalas of cumin, pepper, garam masala and salt to taste. In this paratha, the stuffing is prepared by cooking the vegetables and mushrooms with masalas and then stuffing this prepared mixture into roti and pan frying them.

Nutrition values per paratha are Energy 234kcal, carbs being 38.9gms, the protein being 7.9gms etc.

Sprouts and Paneer Paratha:


This healthy lip smacking whole wheat paratha is rich in protein as well as in energy values. Sufficient quantity of yogurt, water, and salt is added to the whole wheat flour, kneaded into a soft dough and kept aside to set. Firstly, carom seeds and curry leaves are fried and then onions, green chilies are added and cooked until golden brown followed by scrambled paneer, sprouts, salt, chili powder, garam masala powder for the stuffing. The filling is stuffed in the roti’s, sealed and rolled into a paratha and cooked on a Tawa or a griddle.

Nutrition values per paratha are Energy 167.8kcal, carbs being 20.3gms, the protein being 7gms etc.

Peanut and Palak Paratha:


Sufficient quantities of wheat flour, gram flour, and rice flour goes into the making of this paratha. Pureed spinach is also added to the flours. Dry roasted peanuts, sesame, ginger and green chilies are ground to a fine paste and added to the flour mixture along with spinach puree. All combined to form a firm dough and kept aside. Roll the parathas and cook on a Tawa or griddle. Served hot with yogurt, pickle or any curry.

Nutrition values per paratha are Energy 146kcal, carbs being 13.5gms, the protein being 7gms etc.


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