53aaEstablished in 1994, Kohlu Intercontinental creates ethnic bangles, bracelets, necklaces
and earrings. What is unique about K S Kohli’s designs is that the jewellery uses beads made of resin and glass and they are crafted from brass, aluminium, copper, iron and even leather.

The products have found ready markets in the US and Europe. Kohli International is of the belief that fashion jewellery can be made with any material and it is the cost factor and the buyer’s ability to afford higher prices that dictate the material used.

K S Kohli’s products are sold worldwide though the largest orders come from Europe and the USA. It is the up market boutiques that place orders. On the price front, Kohli International may not be able to compete with ordinary fashion jewellery but the fashion conscious prefer the jewellery made from non-traditional material.

K S Kohli

Kohli Intercontinental


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