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Are you looking for Sidu – Traditional food of Himachal Pradesh then check out this post to know more. Siddu or Sidu is one of the most popular dishes of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the favorite food items of the people living in the region of Kullu, Mandi, Shimla, and Manali.

Sidu can be described as a kind of bread that is made from wheat flour. Sidu is generally made in winters. Sidu is also a symbol of the tradition of the Himalayan people. But the popularity of sidu as a tasty food item is limited to the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh only. It’s not very famous in other parts of India.

Step For SiduTips Traditional food of Himachal Pradesh

  • How to prepare Sidu
  • Ingredients required to make Sidu
  • Methods of preparation

Sidu is a dish which comes under the Pahari cuisine. A lot of Punjabi and Tibetan influence can be observed in Sidu.  The preparation of Sidu takes around 4-5 hours. This is a long process because the dough used in sidu is yeast-based and it takes around 4-5 for the yeast to grow and let the dough to rise.

After this, the preparation of sidu does not take much time. Only half an hour is required to prepare sidu if the dough is ready. Siddu can be eaten with ghee or butter alone and is also served with mash daal which is another popular dish of Himachal Pradesh.

Traditional food of Himachal Pradesh

How to prepare Sidu the traditional food of himachal pradesh 

Ingredients required to make Sidu:

A lot of ingredients are required to make Sidu. The ingredients required for the preparation of Sidu are Wheat flour (which is the main ingredient of Sidu), Dried yeast ( required for dough to rise), warm water, salt, Paneer, Green chilly(Chopped), Boiled green peas, walnuts, ginger and garlic, Roasted peanuts (or moongfali) and sugar.

Methods of preparation:

1. Firstly a bowl of warm water is taken, after which yeast and sugar are added to it. Foam generates when the mixture is left for 15-20 minutes. When the foam is created, a teaspoon of salt is added to the wheat flour. After this, the yeast water is poured in between the wheat floor as shown in the given photograph.

sidhu step 12. After this process, the dough is kneaded and kept wrapped in polythene for at least three hours. This is done so that the dough rises and almost gets double in size. With these the green peas, roasted peanuts, walnuts, garlic flakes, green chilly, salt and ginger must be taken in a bowl or a plate.

siddhu step23. After the dough is left to rise, all the ingredients in the bowl are then grinded in a mixer and a paste of peas, walnuts, peanuts etc. is created. It should be remembered that the mixture should be dry and hence no water should be added to it before grinding them.

siddu step 34. When the dough gets double in size, knead for another half minutes. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions. Take one portion of the dough and roll it like a thick chapatti using a rolling pin. Then spread 2 tablespoons of the stuffing mixture over the center of the dough circle, leaving about 1/2 cm at the edge.

siddu step 45. After this, the dough is folded in half through its edges and then is sealed. Some people use a fork for sealing the dough. After the dough gets sealed, sidu is now ready for the steam cook. Sidu is steam cooked for about 15-20 minutes.siddhu step 56. Cut it horizontally. Serve hot with green chutney.final sidu

Sidu is a dish in which the influence of both Punjabi and Tibetan cuisine can be seen. Sidu is also liked by the tourists who go to areas like Kullu, Manali for vacation. Although the preparation of the Sidu is quite lengthy, a special dish like Sidu deserves that long preparation. Sidu is not only a tasty dish of Himachal Pradesh but is a cultural identity for many people, especially for tribals living in the hills of the Himachal Pradesh.


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