Shell work – An art to display.


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Nature provides abundant materials to human beings, of course, free of cost. It is the man which transform it into relevant forms. Thus, for which we have to pay for it. Also, this is a technique or we can say an art which changes natural material into the artificial look.

Shell work

Before describing shell work let’s come to know what is a shell? It is a hard protecting outer covering layer of sea animal which is found in abundance on the seashore. The assemblage of these shells via the appropriate technique to form decorative and utilitarian objects like house decor, clothing, crafts, jwelleries etc is an art called shell work. Indian art had always attracted people all over the globe because of its beauty and utility. Some of the fascinating objects made of shells are mirror frames, boxes, decorative handicrafts, drinking cups, ornaments, instruments, posters, curtains, chandeliers, pot hangers, furniture etc.

Shell work handicrafts
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Jewellery is not only a beauty embracing product but also considered as a pride for Indian women from ancient times. Shell jewellery were once only consumed by sea shore natives but slow and steady this spread across every place. Presently it is running in fashion and had high demand from premium to middle classes.

Shell jewellery

Shell in construction

The trend of embellishing shell work in construction is moreover becoming popular. People are now favoring wall decor through attractive shells which gives a beautiful and classy look. Some of the major construction through seashell include mosaic and grattos.

Shells used for house decor …

Tasted seashell ever?

Some of the seashells like the Giant clam, Green mussel, Oyster are edible shellfishery and others like Scallops, Clams and Cockles are burnt in a kiln to produce edible lime. Never miss a chance to try these shells as they are both healthy and good in taste.

Tasty and healthy seafood.

Shell in clothing

Due to availability in wide ranges of colors, shades and tones, it is also used in making beautiful attires. Nowadays many popular clothing brands are adopting shell work due to it’s increased demands in foreign and within the country.

Shell work in clothing

Shell – Religious believe

It is also associated with religious symbols and belief. In many Asian countries, it is believed according to Hindu mythology sea snail shell (conch shell) is very sacred to be blown in religious and social functions. It is considered to be much auspicious because the sound which comes out believe to be ward off evil forces and makes the environment pure.

Shell as religious belief.

Shell Business in India

Shell craft had a large cover of business all over in India. Many companies make handicrafts and export them in other countries which results in a good income. Along with it many e-commerce websites are also involved in selling these shell product. 
Recently in India, approx 226,000 shell companies were shut down by a central government because of not filing tax returns and financial statements. After demonetization government at centre started focussing on these shell craft companies as their work was existing only on papers with no any office or employees to avoid tax payment.

Shell work accomplishes the passion of art lover and moreover, it also defines the prestigious culture of sea shore natives.


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