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Are you looking for Sea glass jewelry then check out this post to know more. With the new era modes of society is also changing simultaneously.

There was a time when only diamond gold and pearls were preferred by ladies not only as jwelleries but also as a pride. But nowadays trend has been changed and according to it people’s preferences are also at new peak. Talking about sea glass jewelries which is gradually  ladies towards it.

Before taking you near the beauty of these jewelleries let’s make you aware of what is this sea glass.

Sea glass jewelry india

Sea glasses are mainly found near the beaches of oceans. It is physically and chemically weathered and are rich in various characteristics. They generally take 20 to 40 years and sometimes 100 years to acquire it’s shape and texture. As it is said that “Nature is the biggest provider”. 

The mighty oceans shapes the discarded glasses in the oceans transforming into a magnificent piece which are use to make various useful products. They are available in different beautiful colours. In older times it was believed that every time a soldier drowned at sea, the Mermaids would cry in sorrow. The magical tears would wash up onto the shore to become sea glass , it was called back then ” Mermaid tears “.

Some of the attractions are here :-

Beautiful Sea glass jewelry
Beautiful Sea glass jewelry

These beautiful bangles are majorly popular in college going girls as they prefer light jewellery to carry so sea glasses prove to both appropriate and trendy for them.

Sea glass jewelry
Sea glass jewelry

Pieces of sea glasses are sometimes mixed with semi – precious stones or shells to form a bracelets. It gives an attractive look and feel of difference from other metals.

Necklace and Earings  made by sea glass reflects both natural and man – made beauty for adorable and glamourous look. It had been seemed tha these types of ornaments are now becoming ladies first choice.

Sea glass necklace
Sea glass necklace
Sea glass bearings.
Sea glass
Sea glass

Bail the loop at the top of the pendant from which a watch ,stone etc may be hung from a chain, card or wire gives a catchy look.

Creating jwelleries with these kind of materials need hardwork, creativity compassion and willingness. This art show lifelong love of sea glass makers with their work. It is also an immensely successful business with lot of fun in the process of making it.

Although it’s a deal of nature and man with himself. Marketing of these jwelleries is rapidly increasing day by day. So, decorate once yourself with the beauty of nature and reflect the glory of its shine.


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