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It is a well-known fact that plants are very necessary for the sustenance of human life. Of lately, modernization seems to be a taking a toll on the very subsistence of life. There is mass cutting down of the very source of oxygen –plants, for building tall buildings. Plant based forests are being replaced by tall concrete jungles leaving the humans and animals gasping for breath.

The disappearing forest covers are leading to many natural disasters all around. Men seem to forget that it is the plants, which, provide the much-needed purified oxygen we breathe in.


The pollution from, vehicles, factories, and other sources are filling our lungs with harmful dust and chemicals that are causing various kind of health problems. Even the air inside the homes is no longer as pure as it used to be. Gases emitted by building materials, household articles, carpets, cleaning products etc. are having a detrimental effect on the very air that we breathe every minute.

The closer one is to nature, the better is the quality of life one lives. One is able to prevent a wide range of illnesses and diseases. An individual surrounded by greenery all around finds find it easy to live a life free of many maladies and illnesses.

Looking at plants and greenery is pleasing to the eye and refreshing for the body and mind. The area is filled with peace and tranquillity. The serene environment helps to relax and calm the mind of the individual. Green plants emit positive energy all around.

Everybody dreams of having a house with a garden. However, in this day and age affording this dream can be a little difficult. The constraint of space too has made it difficult for many to live this dream. A better option today is have beautiful potted plants at home. Today a wide range of planters are available that help to give the home a greener and nature friendly look. Beautiful brass and wooden planters add that elegant look to the potted plants.


Decorating these planters with rest of the furniture gives a stylish look to the decor. Brass planters come in various sizes and shapes that can be easily placed in any part of the house. One can easily create a garden in the balcony or terrace with the wide range of indoor plants that require little less sunlight than other plants. They need to be kept in sunlight for a few hours weekly. Some of these plants include peace lily, Ficus Alii, rubber plant, Boston fern, bamboo palm, areca palm. These plants help to purify the air around the house while also making it beautiful, greener and colourful.


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